Loyalty, Honesty, Trust, Sincerity.

EXCLUSIVE BESPOKE  Treatment Centre in London

We are world leader in treating one client at a time.

London and Surrey Care is a bespoke cutting-edge treatment program with a high caliber team of consultant psychiatrists, medical professionals and behavioural psychologists and therapists.

We end the isolation of the individual by creating a relationship between the team of professionals working around the clock with the individual, his family and employer, to help the individual achieve his/her full potential with a new lifestyle.

The core program is tailored to the individual needs in the most appropriate setting. We only treat one patient at a time with full confidentiality and tailor the program specifically for the individual.

Our thorough assessment involves the whole team engaging continuously on a daily basis as the presentation of the patient changes from the detox period and through out the rest of the program.

Our strength is to offer an end-to-end “Transformation Plan” that supports the immediate conditions from day to day, monitors the journey and focuses on transforming the individual – a new life!

As most individuals are in denial of their addiction we offer an international comprehensive pre-intervention family program to enable the individual to be encouraged to enrol in the treatment.

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