London and Surrey Care is a bespoke cutting-edge treatment programme with a  high caliber team of consultant psychiatrists, medical professionals and behavioural psychologists and therapists.

The core programme is tailored to the individual needs in the most appropriate setting for the patient and at the right phase of the program.

The program director ensembles the medical team and orchestrates the engagement of consultants and specialists to ensure complete support to the patient at all times. This reassures the patient that he is not alone and there is an ensemble of medical experts at hand.

The program director monitors the patient’s progress to ensure a seamless transition. Our strength is to offer an end to end “Transformation Plan” that supports the immediate conditions, monitor the journey and focus on transforming to the future – a new life !

Our vision is to provide a backbone of highly qualified services that brings maximum value such that the patient ultimately reaches a point in their life where they can no longer live with the addiction.

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